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A Gift to Last a Lifetime! MANNERS TALK will  create a "social life skills"class specifically tailored to the needs of your children or teenagers -- available for after-school enrichment programs, non-profits organizations, youth-based clubs, or private or group in-home tutorial sessions. Classes are taught in  a fun, engaging and informative way that includes role-playing exercises, games, and other activities along with illustrated handouts for future reference. The focus is on improving social skills that will help develop caring and respectful attitudes towards others while increasing their self-confidence in new and unfamiliar situations. Please fill out the contact information in the blue box above on the right hand-side along with any specific requests you may have. Will respond within 48 hours. 
"In my mind, the first & most basic obligation of a teacher is to see the beauty that exists within every student."
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The City of Falls Church Rec. & Parks Department
To register and for more information call 703-248-5027 
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Children, Ages 7-11
Learn manners and interpersonal skills with entertaining hands-on activities, discussions and games that are incorporated in the sessions. Campers increase their confidence, and strengthen their communication skills.
Topics: proper introductions, conversational & listening skills, courtesy in public places,the art of developing good friends, parties and play dates, as well as appropriate table manners. Snacks included.

Mon-Fri: 7/18-7/22 10am-1pm
Registration Code: 382026-D R: $250 / NR: $260     

Mon-Fri: 8/15-8/19 10am-1pm
Registration Code: 382026-H R: $250 / NR: $260
Instructor: Manners Talk - Location: Cherry Hill Farmhouse 
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It’s never too early!  
Interviewing requires preparation and commitment.

Job Interviewing Strategies 
Saturday Workshop(s) for TEENS, 14-18 years
Saurday(s): 7/16 & 7/30 11am-1pm

Two Saturday sessions that will center on the important elements needed and essential for teenagers as they prepare for significant interviews: for internships,employment and college. 

The topics will include: Meet and Greet Essentials (Role playing Introductions), Importance of Proper Attire (Dress for Success), Do’s and Don’ts - Interview Etiquette, Good Communication Skills, Being Mindful of Your Image on Social Media, Proper Follow-Ups.

Registration Code: 340704-A
Cost: R: $135 / NR: $145
Instructor: Vicki Fleming with Manner Talk
Location: The City of Falls Church Rec. & Parks Department
For More Information: Call 703 248-50-