If you would like more information on Manners Talk™ or to have a personal etiquette workshop conducted for your youth-based group, school, or private lessons please contact me by providing the following information below to Vicki Fleming with Manners Talk™ 
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MANNERS TALK will also "Create-a-Etiquette Class" specifically tailored to the needs of your children or teenagers---available for after-school enrichment programs, nonprofits organizations, youth-based clubs, or private one-on-one lessons. 

The classes are engaging and informative, involving role-playing exercises, games and activities, along with illustrated handouts for future reference. 

After school programming available with MANNERS TALK™ for 1 to 2 hours a week for 4, 6, or 8+ weeks. The program will focus on improving life social skills, developing caring and respectful attitudes towards others, and increasing self-confidence in new & unfamiliar situations.

A fun time will be had while learn social skills 
that will last a lifetime!
   MANNERS TALK™ First Impressions are Lasting Impressions! ​
  Vicki Fleming, Etiquette Coach, based in Washington, DC   202-409-9211

MANNERS TALK™ Made Fun!  Spring Classes for kids, ages 7-12, 11:30am-12:30pm, 
$35 per child.  The Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department, 223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, Virginia    
                    Call 703-248-5027 or go online to register, click under "Development" and use code 231001                                                                                                                (Saturday: 4/26, 5/3)
The class will be ideal for introducing your child to basic manners necessary for polite, thoughtful and appropriate 
interactions with others. They will gain greater self-confidence and self-esteem in new and unfamiliar situations. 
Why not begin now to prepare your child for their future by giving them the gift of manners.​

SUMMER DAY CAMP!  AUGUST 18-22, 2014, 10AM -1PM --- Registration has begun! ​
Meet and Greet Essentials, Use of Tact and Apologies, How to Develop Good Friendships, Communication Skills,  
Dealing with Teasing & Bullying, Avoidance of Rude Behavior, Table Manners, Valuing of Others and more.
To register: Call 703-248-5027 or go online, click under "Summer Camp" use code 38202
"In my mind, the first & most basic obligation of a teacher is to see the beauty that exists within every student."
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