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Manners Talk™ Etiquette Coaching  for Children, Teenagers & Young Adults

As an Etiquette "Mobile" Coach I travel to facilities, schools and homes to teach both group and private tutorial classes that are both fun and engaging in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia region. 

The sessions involve role-playing activities that recreate real life situations to assist teens in learn to overcome their discomfort in new and unfamiliar situations. Introductory and good communication skills are essential. High pressure situations like college and job interviews are role-played to help teens lessen their fears and to practice the process of getting through an interview. 

Additionally,the value of respecting and caring about others is addressed with emphasis placed on building good friendships, developing greater resilience, the importance of self-respect & confidence, along with valuing others and their environment. I believe strongly in the need to have integrity, a good character and overall behavior that reflects respect and concern for others demonstrated in their speech and behavior.

As parents, I am sure you would love your teens to be able to put their best foot forward when they venture out into the world and not be perceived or judged in a negative light. And as teachers, it gives us great pride and pleasure to see your students show more consideration and respect towards their peers and elders. And we all know that teens with good manners are looked upon more favorably and "stand out" in a crowd. If you're interested in my services call 202-409-9211 to discuss the various options. 
Various Etiquette Topics 
Group or Private Sessions
are available with Manners Talk™

  • Proper Table Manners & Dining Out
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Proper Introductions "Meet and Greet" Essentials
  • Apologies, the Avoidance of Rudeness and "Lack of Affect"
  • Awareness and the Use of Tact and Discretion 
  • Establishing Boundaries, Propriety, Sharing
  • And the power of the Big Word "NO"
  • Effective Interviewing Techniques for College and Jobs
  • Cell Phone Civility and Social Network Etiquette
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Apologies, the Avoidance of Rudeness and "Lack of Affect"
  • The Importance of Others
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"Vicki Fleming, of Manners Talk, is her brand; elegant, poised, and a consummate professional. She teaches the skills of etiquette in a friendly presentation that is patient and interactive during instruction. For the adolescent girls of Compass Education Trust's “Empowerment Today for the World Tomorrow” conference, Ms. Fleming brought an ease to the disciplines of dining and social skills that allowed our girls to not only be receptive but engaged in the necessary training of social etiquette."  

Shellee A. Mitchell, CEO/Founder of CompassEducationTrust