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A Gift to Last a Lifetime!
Vicki Fleming, Founder and Instructor

Will create a workshop or session specifically tailored to the needs of your children or teenagers. Available services for after-school programs, non-profits organizations, youth-based associations, private or group in-home tutorial sessions.

The classes are taught in a fun, engaging and informative fashion that includes interactive role-playing, games, and other activities. The focus is placed on improving social skills to help develop caring and respectful attitudes towards others, while increasing their self-confidence in new and unfamiliar situations. 

Please fill out the contact information in the blue box on the right hand-side along with any specific requests you may have. Response within 48 hours. 
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Thank you so much Vicki Fleming, Founder of Manners Talk, for all the professionalism, dedication and flexibility you shared with our children in the after school enrichment program.  The parents and children so enjoyed your innovative approach to facilitating sessions focused on manners, bullying, and basics in personally interacting with civility.

The children benefited greatly from working with a professional, caring adult, who treated them with respect, and a great sense of humor. It has been a joy seeing their excitement when you arrive each day. Your program content, and personal work ethic and style have been a great addition to our program. We hope to be able to include your workshops in the future.    

Carlyn Nelson, Partner 
Bridge Extended Day Program with School Within School                                   9th and G Street NE, Washington, D.C 
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 Manners Talk  comes to you!

All etiquette programs are designed with your specific needs in mind, whether it's for a family, school  or business. The curriculum is always taught in an age appropriate fashion. You decide the topic or topic(s) you would like me to address as well as the number of sessions. 

I do not provide specific pricing on the website.  Different clients have different needs as well as unique circumstances and interests. With that in mind, I provide free  consultations, via phone or email. This will allow me the opportunity to explain what I do and determine  how I can help you.  
For further information, you can  reach me directly at 202-409-9211.