Vicki Fleming, Certified Etiquette Trainer 
My mission is to develop manners that reflect respect and civility towards others and will provide your children and teenagers with a lifelong foundation for success.

In the 21st Century how is coaching etiquette to children and young teens relevant? 

The etiquette classes teach the value of caring, respecting and treating others with courtesy and has no expiration. Teaching proper manners leads to proper behavior. We need manners and civility in order to make ourselves and others feel at ease and safe. 

How will etiquette training impact the lives of children and teenagers?

Etiquette training  provides children and teenagers with the tools  necessary to make appropriate decisions in their journey through life. They are more considerate of the feelings of others and aware of the consequences of destructive behavior and actions.  

Children and teenagers will also develop an increased level of confidence while strengthening their self-esteem. New as well as unfamiliar social situations will  be less threatening. Etiquette training will teach them life social skills  that are not only important but help to establish a lifelong foundation for success. 
Etiquette Training Classes for:
  • Customized needs
  • Workshops 
  • Private one-on-one sessions
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