Vicki Fleming, Certified Etiquette Trainer 
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My mission is to develop manners that reflect respect and civility towards others and provide your children and teenagers with a lifelong foundation for success. 

Can you provide a single training session covering more than one topic?
Yes as long as enough time is allocated. 

Can a select topic or topics be selected that are specifically needed for our school or group?
​Yes, various etiquette topics are available to select from. You may select a topic or topics that are specifically needed for your group. 

What are some of the most popular etiquette topics for children and/or teenagers?
For both children and teenagers - Table Manners is the most popular. 

Other topics for children are:
Magic Words (Please, Thank You, You're Welcome and Excuse Me);
Sharing and Gift Giving
Potty Mouth -- What not to say 

Other topics for Teenagers:
How to be a Good Conversationalist with good communication skills  
Interviewing Skills for College and Jobs
Etiquette Training Classes for:
  • Customized needs
  • Workshops 
  • Private one-on-one sessions
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