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Vicki Fleming, Certified Etiquette Trainer 
We Come to You!

My mission is to develop manners that reflect respect and civility towards others and to provide children and teenagers with a lifelong foundation for success.

Do you provide group training sessions?  
Yes, group training sessions are accepted. 

What is the largest group you will provide training for?
Like to keep a group session at a maximum level of 15-20,  however in school settings where there are teacher aides, a larger size group is accepted. 

Can you provide training sessions specifically-tailored to an individual or a very  small group? 
Yes, private one-on-one and in home coaching are available. Smaller groups are acceptable. 

Can you conduct a single topic workshop or multiple once a week workshop series? 
The answer is yes for both.  

Workshop series can be designed & arranged based on time and availability.

  • Customized workshops, with 1-2 topics is typically 1.5 -2.0 hours; or,

  • 1/2 day workshop, 3-4 hour with breaks; covering 2 -3 topics (best for teenagers); or

  • Once a week, 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions, for  4-8+ weeks.
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