Frequently Asked Question on Etiquette Training with  Manners Talk  
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Group/Individual Etiquette Training Sessions
Do you provide group training sessions?  
What’s the largest group you will provide training? 
Can you provide training sessions specifically-tailored to an individual or small group? 
Workshop series available?

Scheduling Times for Etiquette Classes for Children and Teenagers
Week Days?  Weekends?

Etiquette & Social Life Skills Topics for Children & Teenagers
Can you provide one training session covering more than one topic ?
Can one select a topic or topics specifically for their need? 

Fees? Age Groups? Class Locations? 

Presentation Style?
What is the teaching style provided to young children?
What is the teaching style provided to teenagers?

Importance of Etiquette Coaching for Children & Teenagers?
In the 21st Century is coaching etiquette to children & teens relevant?
How will  etiquette training impact the lives of children & teens?
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