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First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
Dressing Dramas...  
Teenagers are often heard complaining that they should be able to dress as they please without being judged. But as parents know this is not true. We try to respect their need for autonomy, self-expression, and keeping up with the newest trends, but we know that, fair or unfair,  there are limitations on how they should dress.  

Good hygiene and clean clothes are a must. Some teens do not take this seriously. But when it's time to start interviewing for that coveted spot for college or getting that  much needed job, things will and must change in order to remain competitive with their peers.

There are societal guidelines as they relate to proper attire especially for major events -- weddings, funerals and other formal occasions. Flip flops, backward turned caps, low slung jeans,  hoodies & sweatpants and even some cases of pajama bottoms are definite no-no's. 

Teenagers have to  learn the impact that their attire will make on future prospects. Judgments can be quickly made about ones attitude and self-image based on ones outer appearance..  Unfortunately,  a bad first impression can be very hard to erase from the minds of interviewers.

My mission as an Etiquette Coach is to encourage and guide teenagers through the process of learning appropriate habits, to avoid fashion misdemeanors and to understand the importance of presenting themselves well, in both a polished and mature fashion.

I remind them that there are different "uniforms," for different occasions. It is important to develop good grooming and hygiene habits that conveys the best image possible.  At the end of a day, one's first impression can be a lasting one!  Let me help plan a workshop session  that will be both fun & engaging for teen group.

Vicki Fleming, Owner & Instructor
Manners Talk™ 
First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions
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  Proper Attire Workshop

  • Do's and Don'ts  to follow
  • Good Grooming 
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Accessories: What is tomuch?
  • Excess Fragrances & Makeup 
  • ​Posture, Attitude & Self-Image 
  • What about my Individuality? 
  •  Casual vs  Formal Attire
  •  Proper Interview Attire 
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