Appropriate introductions and
 good communication skills. 
Topics covered include behavior:

  •   In restaurants
  •   In the movie theaters
  •   In  the homes of friends and relatives

Authority Figures
(Use of Mr, Mrs, Sir and Ma'am with older adults)
Manners Talk™ will create-a-program that is suited to your specific needs.
    ​"Mobile" Etiquette Coaching that comes to you!

  • Group  Sessions​ (Min. of 6 Required)
  • Private Individual fTutorials 
  • After-School Enrichment Programs 
  • Workshops for Youth-based Clubs
  • Private Corporations
  • Nonprofits 
  • Winter & Spring School Breaks 
  • Summer Camps
  • Teen Ministr​y Groups

Manners Talk™
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