TABLE MANNERS for all occasions --- Home, school,  restaurants, family holidays & parties.
The Rules for Proper Table Manners
Taught in a fun-filled and engaging fashion that will make learning a blast!

Over 20,000 meals will be eaten by our children by the time they are eighteen which makes the table a great place to teach dining lessons, including how to participate in a conversation. 

I teach  the behavior of "give and take" in conversations,  recognizing that children deserve to be able to speak at dinner, but at the same time the importance of listening and not interrupting. 

Unlike adults, most children are not able to remain seated for an extended period of time at a table. Therefore, it's important to teach them the importance of asking to be excused, May I please be excused? when they are  finished eating or beginning to feel restless.

Table manners for children will also address the way they should eat and behave at school, where lunch has to be eaten quickly and where there are few grown-ups to supervise their manners.

Manners Talk training session(s) provide children with useful and vital information for any dining setting  --- at home or school, dining out,  holiday dinners, or birthday parties & sleepovers.

Role playing is incorporated with lots of activities and games to kept their interest and attention. 
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TOPICS Covered:

  •  Proper hand washing techniques
  •  Posture at the table 
  •  Correct table setting patterns
  •  Do's & Don't's for the table napkin 
  •  Appropriate use of silverware
  •  Correct use of glassware
  •  No Talking while chewing 
  •  Table conversations during mealtime 
  •  Handling spills & avoiding drama
  •  Use of "excuse me" at the dinner table
  •  Watch Your Elbows!
  •  Inappropriate Acts
  • "Breaking" Bread" & "Buttering" Bread

We "Create-a-Program"  designed with your specific needs in mind.

  • Aftercare Enrichment Programs for Public/Private/Chart Schools
  • Winter & Spring/Holiday School Breaks​ 
  • Private or Group In-Home Sessions 
  • Youth-based Nonprofit Organizations
  • ​Teen Ministry Group
  • Girls Scout, Boys Scout, Jack & Jill
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 "Ms. Vicki" with Manners Talk™ Etiquette Program helped to customize three private sessions for our 12 and 14 year old daughters. We have been working on proper manners at home, but it became clear (as I have found in other areas with teens) that a little outside reinforcement would help. 

 "Ms. Vicki" talked through what we were hoping the kids would learn, and put together a plan that covered everything; the basis of etiquette being respect for yourself and others, communicating with adults, and they responded in kind. Now carrying on conversations with adult friends of the family and having polished manners at the table is something they "own" and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you "Ms.Vicki!"  

Debra Dixon, Mother
Manners Talk™ Etiquette Program