Thank You!  To all  the various organizations, schools, parents, and students that have provided me with wonderful testimonials. 

Manners Talk ™ Etiquette Training Program brings into the lives of children and teenagers the process of learning and incorporating civility and respectful behavior, towards themselves and others. They also learn the importance and value of kindness & courtesy, along with the appropriate social skills that will help increase their confidence and lessen their insecurities and fears in new and unfamiliar settings. 

A civil society will depends on our children learning the importance of proper manners, how to make appropriate choices, and comprehending the consequences of rude, inconsiderate  and destructive behavior.    
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Manners Talk™ Etiquette Program
No Better Investment!

We highly recommend Miss Vicki's Manners Talk Program for any teenager! Our 14 year old son attended a customized three-part program that included table manners and etiquette training for social and professional engagement. Miss Vickis ability to "connect" with my son and reinforce our teachings regarding " how  to introduce yourself," eye contact and the importance of intentional social conversation were priceless! Her table manners session was also noteworthy. As my son, enters high school, we can't think of a better investment than Miss Vicki's Manners Talk training! 

- Stephanie Peters, Mother of  a Teenage Son, 14
Vicki Fleming is Awesome! 

Vicki held an Interviewing Skills workshop for a group of “at risk” teenagers during a boating camp put on by Women On The Water. Vicki was able to get the participants engaged right away, and involved in the group activities. She had an immediate affect on one of the teens, the transformation was amazing! Vicki is very professional and was able to adapt to the group right away. Vicki is now one of my preferred vendors and I will use her again and again!

- Cindy Pearson, Founder of Women on the Water
Wonderful Gift & Inspiration to Our Girls!

Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions provided our teen mothers with a three month in-depth training of various etiquette practices that raised their self confidence, show them how to be at ease in unfamiliar situations and the appropriate tools for making good choices in life. 

Ms. Fleming provided a curriculum that covered a board range of topics, such as, proper introductions, appropriate attire, good table manners, skillful conversations, and important interviewing techniques. 

She was not only patient, kind and lighthearted but highly engaged with the girls. She fueled their imagination by bringing insightful and eye opening lessons on "why" proper manners and relevant social life skills were vital to their current status and future adulthood.

Each class was a building block upon the one before, purposeful and pertinent to the challenges facing teen mothers. And because of Vicki's own sensitivity, endless dedication, and unwavering focus, she succeeded in opening their 'hearts and minds" and establishing their trust. 

The Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Etiquette Program was a wonderful gift to St. Ann's. Her presence brought encouragement and an opportunity to help improve the lives of young mothers. 

She was an inspiration to not only our girls but to staff members who saw and felt her dedication

- Peggy Gatewood, COO, St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home ,  Hyattsville, Maryland 
   Joyful and Really Listened! 

Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions etiquette classes were a lot of fun. Ms. Fleming was joyful and really listened well to what we had to say. Her classes helped me to think differently about my manners. And, I also learned the need to know how and when to say "NO" in different situations & in the appropriate fashion.​​

- Student, 18
"Vicki Fleming is amazing!"
I was referred to her by a dear friend, and Mrs. Fleming really helped empower my daughter to feel good about herself at the table. After her first session with Mrs. Vicki, Amirah came home and shared the secrets of great table manners with her father and I. Mrs. Fleming is patient with young kids and brings out the best in them. I have 2 smaller children which I plan to bring to her once they are old enough to appreciate all that she has to offer. I highly suggest to anyone, the importance of teaching your children proper etiquette and Mrs. Vicki can make it happen for you!" 

-Lesley Stewart 
​Mother of Amirah, Age 8
Professionalism, dedication, and flexibility!

Thanks so much for all the professionalism, dedication and flexibility you shared with our children in the after school enrichment program.

The parents and children so enjoyed your innovative approach to facilitating sessions focused on manners, bullying, and basics in personally interacting with civility.

The children benefited greatly from working with a professional, caring adult, who treated them with respect, and a great sense of humor. It has been a joy seeing their excitement when you arrive each day.

Your program content, and personal work ethic and style have been a great addition to our program. We hope to be able to include your workshops in the future. 

- Carlyn Nelson, Partner 
Bridge Extended Day Program SWW 
9th and G Street NE, Wash, DC 
Kept the children both laughing and focused the entire time!

My 7 year old twins have been a bit challenging at meal times being silly, complaining about what I have prepared, and generally not sitting still. 

Vicki came to my house for a 2 hour workshop with my twins and 3 other second graders. She was well prepared, professional, and kept the children both laughing and focused for the entire time. 

Vicki taught them how to set the table, appropriate dinner conversation, and polite ways to handle it if you do not care for what is being served.

 Since Vicki did the class, my twins have, with a few slip-ups, been pleasant and appropriate during meals. They also alternate setting the table. We put up the table setting chart on our wall to use as a guide. 

We are pleased with the results and would consider additional classes in the future.  

Kim Zarish-Bucknell (Parent)
Private Home Tutorial Workshop, 

Strongly recommend Manners Talk!

During the spring of the 2011-2012 school year, my second-grade class was fortunate to be selected to participate in etiquette training facilitated by Ms. Vicki Fleming of Manners Talk. This training provided the students with the opportunity to learn about the importance of practicing good manners and etiquette daily.

The training provided by "Ms. Vicki" allowed the students to infuse what they learned into our daily classroom interactions. They demonstrated an improved sense of patience and cooperation. 

The students held discussions about the importance of looking at each other when talking. They also were observed saying thank you and you're welcome with greater frequency. 

I truly enjoyed seeing the transformation the children demonstrated as a result of the training provided by Manners Talk ™ with "Ms. Vicki."

The learning experiences through the training provided by "Ms. Vicki" demonstrated a total commitment to the social and emotional growth of young children. I strongly recommend Manners Talk to any person or organization seeking to improve the social and emotional well being of young children.

 - Michael White, M.Ed.
 2nd Grade Teacher
 Neval Thomas Elementary School
 Washington, DC  
Very successful Etiquette Workshop!

Our etiquette workshop with Manners Talk™ First Impressions are Lasting Impression was very successful. More than 60 students attended Vicki Fleming's presentation. Our catered semi-formal dinner and fashion show on Saturday evening was well attended, also. The youth used their acquired skills well. Their lights shone brightly. The weekend was a great deal of fun. We received positive remarks from our young folks, our volunteer team, and parents. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  

-Brenda Moore,
 Oasis Youth Ministry in Fairfax Station, VA. 
 "I am a "better" young lady."

Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impression Etiquette classes has given me more confidence. I now have a more positive attitude. I feel like I can walk down the street with confidence or go on a job interview feel professional. I feel like I am a "better" young lady. Now, I know how to speak more comfortably with strangers and handle introductions."

Student, 18 
"A mentor, a guide, a mother figure and a true companion all in one!"

Before meeting Ms. Fleming with Manners Talk, I was still very much like a little girl trying to carve her own way and find her place in a foreign place. Although I had come all the way to Washington D.C. for a college education, I didn't realize my potential - "my fierceness," as she called it - and the step I had dared to take until she so kindly brought it to light and knew who I was inside and out on our first meeting. 

My lessons with Ms. Fleming had evolved into more than what I had anticipated, more than I had just imagined them to be, just etiquette and manners to use for my spring break trip to Costa Rica. 

A mentor, a guide, a mother figure and a true companion all in one, Ms. Fleming taught me the importance of knowing and accepting myself in order to be successful, and gave me the tools to get me there.

I learned to be an one-in-a-million young woman that lives in American culture without the culture living within me, and now I have more self-esteem and a greater sense of self-worth than I ever had. I see myself now as a self-illustrated canvas and an artist capable of her own destiny, despite the indifferent world we live in. 

I looked forward to Ms. Fleming lessons religiously, and realized my growth alongside her step by step as I learned how to shake hands appropriately, dress and perform in a job interview, make proper introductions, make pleasant conversations with complete strangers, know how to set an informal and formal table and eat American or Continental style (instead of just with a fork and use a knife as needed). 

Most of all, I learned the importance of using my voice assertively yet politely and proudly, a skill that was on the verge of disappearing due to speaking being discouraged by my college, a special needs school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing where sign language is the norm and most preferred. 

With Ms. Fleming's tools and lessons, I have come to understand that loving yourself is everything and going that extra mile beyond what the status quo expects makes all the difference in the world. I came to D.C. as a child and left at the end of the first year as a woman.

​- Susie Michaela Harvey," Age 18
​Simply wonderful!...
I observed Vicki Fleming instruct a class of third graders and she was simply wonderful. Vicki was engaging and entertaining, yet direct and the class was very structured. She really did make learning about proper etiquette enjoyable for the kids. 

One of my favorite things that she did was she had everyone in the class put a blue sticker on their forehead between their eyes in order to remind the youth about making eye contact with whomever they are speaking with. I thought that was just such a smart and innovative idea. 

After observing Vicki Fleming’s coaching style I signed my youth organization right up for an etiquette workshop with her. Our kids loved it and responded to her very well. 

We definitely hope to work with Vicki Fleming again in the future.

Nicole Harrison, Senior Mentor Coordinator
BEST Kids, Inc. 
 The transformation is nothing 
short of amazing!

My daughter was not yet 18 when I brought her from southwest suburbia, USA to Washington D.C. to start college. Susie by nature is quiet, shy, and disciplined: a "good girl" who never challenges authority and is very sensitive to her surroundings. While academically I was confident that she could "hold her own" in a classroom of peers, I recognized that the time had come for Susie to grow also as a young pre-professional woman. It was time for her to learn the interpersonal and social skills that would make her confident and competitive in the real world.

I found Manners Talk to be just what my daughter needs to get her to that next level. She started working with Ms. Fleming in March, 2012 and the transformation is nothing short of amazing! Everything from table manners to making conversation has been covered. She learned interview skills that helped her land her very first job this summer. What she has learned and put into practice with Manners Talk is by far equally as important as her academic achievements, and I will continue to support this process as a fundamental part of her "life" education

- Dwyla Williams, (Mother, Daughter, Age 18)

Ms. Vicki is very passioate in what she does!

I was very pleased with the way Ms. Vicki Fleming with Manners Talk ™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions presented in the etiquette session for the Howard University Summer Transportation Institute Program. She was very detailed and organized with her information. She also did a great job in tailoring her presentation for our group of 9th and 10th graders. It really showed she cared about the students and their learning when she walked around the class making sure that they were using the proper techniques. I could tell Ms. Vicki is very passionate in what she does. I would recommend her for future etiquette classes for our program and Howard University.

​- Regis Stinson
Alumnae, Lead Program Coordinator
​2015 Howard University Summer Transportation Institute (HUSTI) Program
Armour J. Blackburn University Center
Experience far exceeded our expectations! 

We were fortunate to have Vicki Fleming, as our Guest Speaker for our Empowerment Day 2013
Mrs. Fleming did an excellent job in creating a tailor-made presentation for our audience of mostly young single mothers. 

She was brave enough to share her own personal experience to build trust with the participants. The information was presented in a context that the participants could relate to and the visuals used made a lasting impression. Experience far exceeded our expectations! This was without a doubt the best Empowerment Day to date, thanks to Mrs. Fleming! 

Thank you for touching the lives of others!

- Keisha Register, Employment Development Specialist, Arlington County Government
​The children were entranced, to say the least, and hated to see it end...

For four weeks, six-second graders from Mr. White's class at Neval Thomas underwent a "MANNERS TALK session with Ms. Vicki Fleming. The children were entranced, to say the least, and hated to see it end. They came away much better prepared to "face the demands of society" so to speak, and it was done in an entertaining and fun way. 

I would like to recommend Ms. Fleming for any future "SUMMER READ" programs we might have or any type of children's' program. She is very much in touch with today's youth (including our young adults).

The session that she did for us was "pro bono" but I would like to see her talents put to good use and have her "spread the wealth" so to speak. If we can see the way clear to utilize this very talented lady in some capacity and perhaps pay back some of what she did for our kids at Neval Thomas, it would be much appreciated and the rewards would be felt by all involved. I highly recommend her.

- Christy Pryor, Children's Librarian
Dorothy Height/Benning Branch
Washington, DC 
​ I cannot thank you, Ms. Fleming, enough for introducing them to this life lesson. 
Vicki Fleming, thank you for taking the time to work with our troop. I was really pleased with your service. Once the girls warmed up to the first session they begin to look forward to the other sessions. Every week they would come up to me and ask “Is Mrs. Fleming coming today?” 

To me that made me feel like I did something amazing for my girls, I am confident that they will remember everything that you have taught them because you made it so much fun for them!

 I cannot thank you, Ms. Fleming, enough for introducing them to this life lesson. My Troop is looking forward to doing it again in the Fall.

- Kiera Proctor, Girl's Scout Brownie Troop Leader at School Without [email protected] Francis Elementary, Wash, DC

An exceptional and gifted trainer of children.

t was a pleasure to work with Ms. Fleming over a four week period. She instructed children from various backgrounds and family cultures from the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Road Library Community. As a result of her training, the children were exposed to a new world of manners and the importance of them in today’s society.  

Time and again, Ms. Fleming demonstrated to me that she is an exceptional and gifted trainer of children. In my opinion, she is a highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her students to strive for excellence. 

Both in the classroom and in-person, Ms. Fleming is a dynamic communicator who possesses the art of being able to make etiquette and manner subjects understandable. And in spite of these formidable gifts, she is a humble and approachable person who loves to share her experience and knowledge with others and her students in particular. 

I would recommend Ms. Fleming for future programming in every one of our library facilities not only during the summer months but all year around.

In closing, it is with the sincere conviction that I enthusiastically recommend that Vicki Fleming be selected to come to your facility for both private and public training to display her talents and professionalism.

 - Winnell M. Montague, Branch Manager
   Dorothy I. Height/ Benning Branch Library
   Washington, DC 

Vicki was very intentional in her lesson and was so patient and attentive with all of our scholars. 

I work for out-of-school time, academic enrichment program in Washington D.C. Vicki Fleming came to our center and conducted a wonderful seminar on table manners and proper introductions with a group of our 7th and 8th graders.  

The session was expertly delivered, down to every detail. The cafeteria table was set as it would be at a dinner party so that our scholars could participate interactively. 

 She made sure that every scholar practiced making eye contact and that they had a firm handshake. 

Vicki was very intentional in her lesson and was so patient and attentive with all of our scholars. We are so grateful to Vicki for providing our scholars with such an enriching experience and such important life skills!

- Laura Callow, 
Scholar Support and Services
Higher Achievement-DC Metro

Your spirited presence allowed you to engage and connect with our girls. 
An abundance of gratitude for your generosity in sharing your Manners Talk ™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Etiquette Program with the young mothers of St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home. Your presence at St. Ann's enriched our teen mothers' lives in ways that have not only taught them etiquette but have helped build their self-esteem by exposing them to a world and way of living with which they are not familiar. 

Your spirited presence allowed you to engage and connect with our girls. Each topic was brought to a meaningful level for the participants. Thanks to you, our girls have been exposed to etiquette focused on meals, telephone conversations, employment and workplace, dress, and so much more. 

Your success in reaching our young mothers can be attributed to your teaching style. You took young women with histories of poor school performance and engaged them in the learning process by making them active learners through debate, role-playing and projects You've given them an opportunity to advance their lives so that both they and their children have a better chance for a hope-filled life. 

Thank you for being part of the '"big village" that is actively working to raise two generations of children.

Sister Mary Bader, CEO, St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home, Hyattsville, Maryland
You were persistent, energetic, funny, and most of all patient.

Thank you for conducting a tailored version of Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions with the residents of the Teen Bridge Program for Females with LAYC (Latin American Youth Center). 

Through your curriculum, you were able to bring the skills and life lessons to our girls, many of whom never learned these basics at a young age. 

Due to the traumas associated with foster care, many of our youth never received the basics in social skills that are so important and critical throughout any adult life. By conducting your workshops with them, they were at least able to received a glimpse of the types of acceptable behaviors that they will need as they age out of the foster care system and enter the world as independent adults.

You were persistent, energetic, funny, and most of all patient. You were direct with the girls, letting them know your intentions and in many ways, keeping them focused on the overall goals of the program. But you made it fun, relevant, and interesting. 

Never once did I feel like you lectured our girls; you instead gave them the freedom and space to express themselves, make mistakes, and explore the skills that you taught them in each session. 

I want to thank you again for all that you have done.

- Sandhya Narayanan
Youth Developer of Teen Bridge Program for Females at LAYC (Latin American Youth Wash, DC
"Ms. Vicki" is a highly motivated individual who believes strongly in her mission.

Vicki Fleming worked with a small group of young women at The Next Step Public Charter School during our summer program The Next Step is a bilingual GED program designed for students who have attended school in the United States or who have not been successful in traditional public schools. We serve youth between the ages of 15 and 24. 

Ms. Fleming came to us highly recommended by the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) and she presented her business, Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Etiquette Program, with enthusiasm and great ideas for our young women. 

Our youth enjoyed working with Ms. Fleming and she is a highly motivated individual who believes strongly in her mission. Ms. Fleming wants to make a difference in the lives of young women today and she is taking that on "one girl' at a time.

- Susan Espinoza, Principal, 
The Next Step Public Charter School
Washington, DC 

Taught me that saying "No" should not be a problem...
Manners Talk™ First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions Etiquette Program, taught me that if I show people that I have good manners they will treat me differently. I learned what you wear is important. 

She also taught me that saying "No" should not be a problem, that sometimes people should be told "No" especially when you don't trust them. I really enjoyed the "Table Manners" and the "Dining Role Playing" exercises and I have learned what it means to use "Tact and Discretion."

  Student, 20